Ökoalpin Wood stoves

Standard production with custom-built performance and benefits
The Pertinger quality standards and values can be found in all Ökoalpin models. Kitchen stoves produced as standard
model, but with an enormous range of customised options and adaptations.
They are divided into three lines, all with different aesthetic characteristics:
Trend, a simple and minimalist style that stands out for the simplicity of its shapes with plain stainless steel doors.
Panorama, with a big door to safely enjoy all the beauty of the fire, thanks to its triple, self-cleaning glass structure.
Dekor, dedicated to those who love traditional stoves with a classical or rustic style, with a wide range of decors.
All three are available also in stainless steel, lacquered powder and rendered finishes. Special materials and finishes on request.
Three different series.
PANORAMA, with a big door so you can enjoy all the beauty of the fire safely, thanks to its triple, self-cleaning glass doors.
TREND, set apart by the simplicity of its shapes with plain steel doors.
DEKOR, in a classic or rustic style, with a wide range of decorations.
The heart of an Ökoalpin
High efficiency ecological combustion chamber

Using only pre-heated secondary air, let in via special laminar slots, it optimises combustion and reduces consumption and emissions.
Air system
The true certified system with natural convection means the stove can be fitted between kitchen units at a distance of just 3 mm.
Perimeter flue system
A complete flue system running around the entire stove, even the rear, ensures that the heat produced is stored for longer, with uniform oven temperatures and extremely high performances.

The benefits of the Ökoalpin series

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Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Fits between units
Endless customisation possibilities
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