custom-made kitchen stoves

Built to your specifications
Pertinger’s true vocation - the result of a great deal of experience and passion - is building custom-made creation. Each one of these devices is a unique piece of art, designed and built according to individual customer’s specifications. It all starts with a detailed design and planning to include and combine customer’s preferences for aesthetics and technical subtleties. Each single component is accurately evaluated and checked to then move “from paper to reality” through the expert hands of our skilled locksmiths, who carefully manufacture the stove following highest standards of craftsmanship.
The end result will be the unique stove that you have always dreamt about.

The benefits of the custom-made stoves

Respect for the environment
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Individual project
Healthy, natural traditional-style cooking
Let yourself inspire
Custom-made kitchen stove 01
Custom-made kitchen stove 02
Custom-made kitchen stove 03
Custom-made stove 04
Custom-made kitchen stove 05
Custom-made kitchen stove 06
Custom-made kitchen stove 07
Custom-made kitchen stove 08
Custom-made kitchen stove 09

Custom-made wood stoves

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