The Prefabricated stove

Conceived for artisan stove-makers to cover and refine as they please
We have been producing prefabricated stoves for artisan stove fitters for many years, helping the latter to avoid any drawback of self-made devices such as the imperfect assembly of the elements, the possible appearance of cracks and problems with warranties for the materials. The prefabricated structures, however, have all the requirements of excellence just like the entire Pertinger range: a highly efficient combustion chamber, an oven made entirely of extra thick steel and the multitude of customised variations. Once the model has been chosen, the craftsman can then clad and finish it to his liking, giving it a unique touch.
All prefabricated Pertinger stoves can also be fitted with smoke diversion valves for radiating walls. The base of prefabricated stoves can be an open brick arch or have a big drawer inserted for firewood storage.
On request, fully custom-made prefabricated kitchens are also produced, from design to final installation.
Kopie von Three different series.
PANORAMA, with a big door so you can enjoy all the beauty of the fire safely, thanks to its triple, self-cleaning glass doors.
TREND, set apart by the simplicity of its shapes with plain steel doors.
DEKOR, in a classic or rustic style, with a wide range of decorations.
100 Prefabricated
Line DEKOR T10, plastered with base segmental arched version.

Tailor-made prefabricated stove
Line PANORAMA, Dekor T10, plastered cooking island with a second fire door and a wooden shelf.

100 Prefabricated
Line DEKOR T37 cladded with tiles and plastered base with drawer arch version.
100 Prefabricated
Line DEKOR T53 cladded with tiles and plastered base segmental arched version. On the tiled stove are fitted tailor- made doors Dekor T53.
100XL Prefabricated
Line PANORAMA, with satin-finished steel hob with rings, with soapstone and plastered base segmental arched version.
100XL Prefabricated
Line PANORAMA, Dekor T10 with smoke diversion valve, cladded with tiles and arched base cladded with stones.
A few steps and a guaranteed result
The expert hands of our trusted stove-makers can customise your stove, transforming it into a unique item, backed by the guarantee of all the quality and reliability of Pertinger.

The benefits of the prefabricated stoves

Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Radiant heat that lasts
A host of covering materials
Product overview
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Prefabricated stoves

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