The Prefabricated stove

Conceived for artisan stove-makers to cover and refine as they please
For many years now, we have produced prefabricated stoves for artisan stove-makers who possess the necessary expertise, just like the entire Pertinger production: the highly efficient combustion chamber, the oven made entirely of extra thick stainless steel and the host of customised variations. The stove-maker can then cover and refine it with a variety of materials to turn it into a unique stove.
The heart of a prefabricated stove
High efficiency ecological combustion chamber

Using only pre-heated secondary air, let in via special laminar slots, it optimises combustion and reduces consumption and emissions.
The power of radiant heat

All the prefabricated stoves have a special flue system, both on the side and to the rear, which guarantees the greatest possible irradiation of the covering and prolonged heat storage.
A few steps and a guaranteed result
The expert hands of our trusted stove-makers can customise your stove, transforming it into a unique item, backed by the guarantee of all the quality and reliability of Pertinger.

The benefits of prefabricated stoves

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Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Radiant heat that lasts
A host of covering materials
Product overview
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Prefabricated stoves

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