Pellet Air

Maximum autonomy and ease-of-use
The main characteristics of a high-level pellet stove should be: a large cooking hob to use more than one pan, an oven perfectly integrated into the flue system which works without electricity, a spacious and easy to refill loading compartment for increased autonomy and a simple to program remote control.
We have succeeded in achieving all this and you can find it in the Pertinger pellet stoves.

Thanks to an energy performance that exceeds 90% and ultra-low emissions, the pellet stoves qualifie for all the benefits of the incentives envisaged in the CONTO TERMICO 2.0 (Italian heating and cooling scheme).
Three different functions
Thanks to the innovative, dynamic heat management system, you can choose where to employ the heat produced, channelling it to the hob or oven or using it to heat the surroundings.
The heat always ready to hand
The pellet stoves can be equipped with an additional WLAN module, thanks to which, once connected to a WiFi network, a total management and programming of the appliance is possible through the “4HEAT” app, available for all Apple and Android devices. All this can be conveniently done from your home or even remotely.
High level of userfriendliness
Thanks to our bottom-feed system, it is possible to put up to 24 kg of pellets into the supply container with extreme ease and no effort. The advantages are significant: full utilization of the cooking hob, high level of userfriendliness when reloading the pellets, significant reduction of risks when filling pellets while the stove is hot and reduced dust during filling.
Pellet Tank
All pellet stoves can be equipped with an additional tank (optional) that allows to further increase the combustion autonomy. This system is particularly dedicated to those who often use the stove’s remote programming and management functions.

The benefits of the pellet stoves

Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Programmable via remote control or app
Three dedicated functions
Product overview
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Pellet Air

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