Gastronomy line

Professional kitchen stoves, steel furniture and grills for your restaurant
Developing stainless steel furniture and kitchen stoves for professional use places special demands on quality, materials, technology and user-friendliness. Every product of the Pertinger Gastrolinie fulfills all requirements of its user and at the same time guarantees the longevity to operate the products daily for many hours. Every single part is designed and manufactured so that it fits perfectly and harmoniously into an overall picture. With an economic stove from Pertinger, also made to measure, bring the highest level in your kitchen.

The benefits of the gastronomy line

Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Healthy, natural traditional-style cooking
Quality and long-lasting durability

Gastronomy line

Only the best work in my kitchen
A selection of the best farm produce combined with the cooking equipment and natural, healthy cooking methods (dubbed archaic by some) create unique, unmistakeable results in terms of taste!
Heavy-duty and construction technique
It is not size that makes a wood stove professional.

The Pertinger Professional range has been designed down to the minutest detail for large catering facilities. The quality and thickness of the materials used make them indestructible, even if they are put through their paces by the most demanding chefs.
Not just for restaurants
For the most demanding customers who want to have a professional style kitchen at home where they can cook their favourite dishes in absolute freedom with no space restrictions.

We can meet all your demands with Pertinger Professional stoves.
Aviable as heating stove version
Saving while cooking is now possible.

Thanks to the special heat exchanger lined with refractory bricks, it is possible to produce DHW and power the heating system without foregoing the cooking performance.

Gastronomy line

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