Pertinger kitchen stoves

The perfect combination of innovation and tradition
Cooking in a healthy, natural way, heating your home, doing away with gas and fossil fuel providers and respecting the environment. All this is possible with a Pertinger wood stove. Created with the utmost care to meet our customers’ demands, in terms of both design and performance. Because anyone choosing a Pertinger stove wants to get the very best without making compromises.

The benefits of a wood stove

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Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Healthy, natural traditional-style cooking
Sophisticated design

Wood stoves

The heart of a Pertinger stove
High efficiency ecological combustion chamber

Using only pre-heated secondary air, let in via special laminar slots, it optimises combustion and reduces consumption and emissions.
Special heating solutions
All Pertinger stoves and heating stoves can be fitted with a special diversion valve that can divert the same fumes from the combustion chamber to the mass heat storage with radiant wall.
What is the secret of our quality?
It lies in the hands of the people who make the stove. Every detail of the stove is created by a specialised workforce which, over the years, has acquired expertise in all aspects of working steel.

Combined monoblocs

A customised result always

The practicality of a single cooking area, the elegant, sophisticated design and infinite customisation possibilities. A Pertinger combi monobloc is all this. It can be created with any stove and heating stove, custom-made as well.

Wood stove

Combined monoblocs
P-cleaning line
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