Custom made heating stoves

Built to your specifications
Our true vocation, resulting from a wealth of experience and passion, is building custom-made heating stoves. Each one is a unique model, designed and built according to the individual customer’s specifications. The first step is the design, which is discussed in the minutest detail, to create a stove with exactly the right technical and aesthetic requirements requested. All the individual components are designed and carefully checked after which they are entrusted to the production departments where skilled the workforce expertly create the stove with traditional craftsmanship. The end result will be the unique stove that you have always dreamt about.

The benefits of a custom-made heating stove

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Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Individual project
Sophisticated design
Let yourself inspire
Tailor made kitchen stove 1
Tailor made kitchen stove 2
Tailor made kitchen stove 3
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Custom-made heating stoves

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