Reverse flame

High performance and energy savings
After many years of extensive research and experimentation, we have revolutionised wood heating stoves.
Unlike traditional heating stoves where the boiler and the hot-plate are heated directly by wood combustion, with the inverted flame principle, primary combustion is only required to generate wood gas. The gas produced, when it comes into contact with oxygen in a special air channel inserted under the firebox, generates a second combustion which, by the effect of a special natural downdraught, creates the inverted flame. This burns in an environmentally friendly way at extremely high temperatures, with minimal amounts of ash and very low emissions which were unimaginable up until now, plus a long list of advantages.

• Extremely high yields and consumption reduced by up to 40%, thanks to very high efficiency
• Operation with natural draught
• Constant power thanks to combustion by gasification
• Versatile control of the fire that lets you allocate the heat produced for cooking or to the heating system
• Approved for use in Passive Houses or very well-insulated houses, and in spring and autumn
For us, the future is now
New homes will need less energy.

The heating stove with inverted flame technology has been developed to meet these new criteria, by producing hot water for heating and domestic use, but releasing a minimum number of Kilowatts into the air.
The heart of heating stoves with inverted flame
A dual combustion chamber, an entirely new flue system and a special, unprecedented boiler

Three elements designed to make it extremely versatile, by offering unprecedented performances and reduced consumption levels.
RTP: safety, simplicity and design in one kit
• No aesthetic impact
• Easy to install
• Maximum safety
• Ready to install with closed cup method
• Easy to program
• Maximum energy efficiency

The benefits of heating stoves with inverted flame

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Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Versatile management of the heat produced
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Inverted flame

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