Heating stove Plus

Power and self-feed system
Thanks to the high-performance combustion chamber, entirely lined in refractory bricks, and the extra-large boiler, the Plus heating stove is the ideal solution for homes with a higher energy requirement. Due to the high temperatures generated by the exclusive ecological combustion chamber, the stove cooks like a traditional wood stove, but it also produces hot water to power the heating system.
The heart of a Heating Stove Plus
The boiler lining in refractory bricks protects it from the formation of condensation and creosote. The use of pre-heated air from above optimises combustion and reduces consumption and emissions. The exclusive perimeter flue system guarantees excellent cooking performance.
• No aesthetic impact
• Easy to install
• Maximum safety
• Ready to install with closed cup method
• Easy to program
• Maximum energy efficiency
Air System
The true certified system with natural convection means the stove can be fitted between kitchen units at a distance of just 3 mm.

The benefits of the PLUS heating stoves

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Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
High performance
Extended feed autonomy
Product overview
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