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Technology and maximum heating autonomy
The 90 Pellet Hydro heating stove has all the important features that we also find in wood heating stoves, such as a large cooktop and the oven, which works without electrical resistances. In addition, the 90 Pellet Hydro heating stove has simple programming via remote control or app and a pellet container with a capacity of approx. 24 kg wood pellets. The built-in boiler delivers up to 8.1 kW to the heating system with an efficiency of up to 94%. Another important advantage of the 90 Pellet Hydro is the minimal power that is given to the installation room during water operation. This makes it also suitable for modern low-energy or passive houses.
A new philosophy
The many functions and programmability let you experience a new experience in the kitchen. Innovative technologies and tradition come together at the pellet stove.
Controllable via mobile app
The pellet stove can optionally be equipped with a WIFI module. This enables the pellet stove to be controlled using a mobile app. Good WIFI reception must be guaranteed in the stove's installation room. The "4Heat" app is available in all app stores
Four different functions
The Pellet Hydro has four different functions. The cooking function, the oven function, the room heating function and the water heating function.
World first
This exclusive system has the advantage of guaranteeing an extended load autonomy and the possibility of a larger cooking surface.
We have created a new standard in terms of functionality and safety in the kitchen.

The benefits of the pellet hydro stove

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Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Programmable via remote control or app
Four dedicated functions
Product overview
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Pellet Hydro

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