The fixed grill heating stove

Ideal for low-energy consumption houses
Thanks to the high-performance combustion chamber, entirely lined in refractory bricks, and the compact boiler, the fixed grill heating stove is the ideal solution for homes with a low energy consumption. Due to the high temperatures generated by the exclusive ecological combustion chamber, the stove cooks like a traditional wood stove, but it also produces hot water to power the heating system.
The heart of a heating stove
A boiler fully lined with refractory bricks

The special lining of the boiler in refractory bricks protects it from the formation of condensation and creosote. The use of pre-heated secondary air, introduced from above, optimises combustion and reduces consumption and emissions, thus making cooking more efficient.
Comfort, safety and all the hot water you want
There are a whole host of possibilities for using a Pertinger heating stove. Your local heating technician will be able to advise you on the best solution for your requirements, backed by a product with the highest standards of safety.
Perimeter flue system
A complete flue system running around the entire stove, even the rear, ensures that the heat produced is stored for longer, with uniform oven temperatures and extremely high performances.
Air System
The true certified system with natural convection means the stove can be fitted between kitchen units at a distance of just 3 mm.

The benefits of fixed grill heating stoves

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Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Healthy, natural traditional-style cooking
Sophisticated design
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