Heating stoves

Cooking and heating
Every house and every heating system has different requirements, which makes the choice of a heating stove a critical decision. We offer three categories of heating stoves: with a fixed or adjustable grill (model PLUS), and with reverse flame technology.
Each one features specific characteristics which allow you to choose the best solution for your home. All the models have a wide range of standard features: fire door with triple, self-cleaning glass, oven with light, telescopic runners, electronic control unit and thermal discharge circuit in copper for closed tank installation.
A heating stove from Pertinger is an environmentally friendly source of energy that operates the heating system and at the same time guarantees a strong reduction in energy costs and an increase in independence.
To safeguard the environment, the heating stove is certified in compliance with the most stringent European regulations. It has also been certified by the Autstrian Ministry of Environment as a “GREEN” product. This quite exclusive and difficult to obtain certification is also awarded for the entire production phase of the heating stove respecting a sustainable process.

It is therefore a friend of the family, of the house and also of nature.

The benefits of the heating stoves

Respect for the environment
High performance and low consumption
Heats your home
Healthy, natural traditional-style cooking

Heating stoves

The choice of the right heating stove is crucial. Our range includes four different models: with fixed fire grate, with height-adjustable fire grate, with wood gasification technology (inverted fire) and with pellet fuel. All meet different needs, and all three have generous standard equipment.
The heart of heating stoves
The very high efficiency combustion chamber of the heating stoves consists of a rapid heat exchange boiler, lined with special refractory bricks which, together with the use of just the secondary air emitted from above, offer significant benefits.
There are a multitude of possibilities for using heating stoves in a household heating system. Your heating technician will be able to recommend which solution best suits your requirements.

Kopie von Combined monoblocs

A customised result always

The combined monoblocs can be designed using ovens and cooking hobs from Pertinger or also from other brands. As an alternative or in combination, you can opt for various drawers for storing or just a cantilevered counter top. For an even more attractive combination, you could add a stainless steel splashback and an elegant Pertinger extraction hood.

Heating stoves

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